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The Winter 2019 Collection is out!

29 November 2019

Our new Winter 2019 Collection is on its way to subscribers. The weather is cold so we have some lovely warm fabrics, of all weights, to inspire you to make some snuggly (yet smart) winter clothes.

The Autumn 2019 Collection is out!

29 August 2019

As we bid farewell to a somewhat disappointing summer, we look ahead and welcome our new Autumn 2019 Collection. This time we have been pleased to source some gorgeous designs from Spain, Germany and Italy. In addition, we have included some quality plains to co-ordinate with them and some special and unusual fabrics too.

The 2019 SALE Collection is out!

10 July 2019

Our fabulous Summer 2019 Sale Collection is now out - an intriguing mix of all sorts of fabrics at fantastic prices. They are sure to be in demand so order quickly as we sell on a first-come-first-served basis. Grab a bargain! Note: No Summer 2019 fabrics are included in this Sale.

The Summer 2019 Collection is out!

31 May 2019

Summer is the time for beautiful prints and the trends for 2019 are animal designs, geometrics and, of course, florals. We have all these in the new Summer 2019 Collection, as well as plains in gorgeous colours. Let's hope for the weather to match!

The Spring 2019 Collection is out!

28 February 2019

The all new Spring 2019 Collection is on its way to subscribers. We have included all weights and types of fabric this season. Not only for warmer days and plans for holidays ahead, but also for in-between weather and the latest trends for the new season. We hope you will be inspired!

The Winter 2018 Collection is out!

28 November 2018

Our Winter 2018 Collection is now on its way to subscribers. Checks, animal prints and velvets are the trend of this season and we have included some top quality versions of all these. We also have some cosy knits and some bronze shades - also popular right now - along with special fibres such as alpaca, virgin wool, angora and mohair.

A very Happy Christmas to everyone!

The Autumn 2018 Collection is out!

31 August 2018

Our beautiful new Autumn 2018 Collection is now on its way to subscribers. We have chosen fabrics to suit that important "between seasons" time, when we hope the weather will still be lovely. Also, we have been able to source some really special quality wools and, as always, some unusual fabrics to inspire the imagination.

The 2018 SALE Collection is out!

10 July 2018

While enjoying the glorious summer, have a browse through this year's eclectic Sale selection and grab some truly fantastic bargains! As ever, Sale fabrics are sold on a "first-come-first-served" basis - so don't delay!

The Summer 2018 Collection is out!

29 May 2018

The sun is shining, we've had a delightful Royal Wedding and our Summer Collection is now on its way to subscribers with inspiration for some lovely new outfits. There are some fabulous fabrics here at great prices. Make clothes while the sun shines!

The Spring 2018 Collection is out!

27 February 2018

Spring is here at last! And time for a wardrobe re-boot and re-think. We have included fabrics for warmer weather, holiday wear, special occasions and also some wools and jerseys for chilly times still to come. We hope you like them!

The Winter 2017 Collection is out!

29 November 2017

For Winter 2017 we have selected some snuggly wools for cold weather, some lighter-weights for milder weather, some stunning designs, fabulous special occasion fabrics and, of course, some unusual and distinctive pieces. Happy Christmas to you all!

The Autumn 2017 Collection is out!

29 August 2017

It's time to re-boot your wardrobe with some lovely new designs for the new season. With that in mind, our new Autumn Collection - on it's way to subscribers right now - is offering some top quality wools and cottons along with some beautiful jerseys at very competitive prices. We hope you will all be tempted by these exciting new colours and textures!

The 2017 SALE Collection is out!

10 July 2017

To make space for the gorgeous Autumn fabrics to come, it's time for our fabulous, unmissable, super Summer Sale! First come, first served - so be quick! Note: None of the current Summer 2017 fabrics are in this Sale.

The Summer 2017 Collection is out!

26 May 2017

Summer time at last! Our Collection includes fabrics for hot weather, warm-ish weather, holidays away, special occasions and those of you planning ahead for Autumn. On-trend colours and designs, quality classics and some unusual ones too. Enjoy!

The Spring 2017 Collection is out!

28 February 2017

As we wave goodbye to Storms Doris and Ewan we find ourselves at the start of Spring with our latest Collection winging it's way to subscribers. And whether you're planning a wedding or other special occasion, holidays-to-come or just a wardrobe update, we hope you like our brand new Collection and that it will inspire you to sew up your own storm!

We're having a JANUARY SALE!

5 January 2017

Happy New Year!

As a "Thank You" to all our subscribers, and to make space for all the fabulous new fabrics in 2017, we're holding a January Sale. For the month of January, every fabric prior to the Winter 2016 Collection will be reduced by 30%! Yes, that's 30% of all fabrics on the website (subject, of course, to availability) except for the current Winter 2016 Collection. So, if you haven't renewed your subscription, do it now and grab yourself some bargains!

The Winter 2016 Collection is out!

29 November 2016

Our new Winter 2016 Collection includes a number of quality fabrics which we are able to offer at some really great prices! There are also some gorgeous tweeds, stunning evening fabrics and some classic favourites. We hope you enjoy the Collection and that you all have a very happy Christmas.

The Autumn 2016 Collection is out!

31 August 2016

As we approach Autumn - a season of transition - our latest Collection includes a few wintry wools and tweeds (for those looking ahead to colder days) as well as plenty of lighter-weight cottons, silks and blends for (we hope) some warmer weather still to come. There are also special-occasion and unusual fabrics to inspire! Enjoy!

The 2016 Sale Collection is out!

13 July 2016

Another year - another Sale! Our 2016 Sale Collection is now on its way to all subscribers with plenty of bargains for everyone!

The Summer 2016 Collection is out!

27 May 2016

The Summer 2016 Collection is now on its way to subscribers today. We've been fortunate, this season, to source a number of fabrics from well known design houses. Unfortunately, we've been advised that we're not allowed to specify the designer's names! Ah well. Nevermind, the fabrics themselves are gorgeous and that's all that really matters.

The Spring 2016 Collection is out!

29 February 2016

Our new Spring 2016 Collection has been posted out to subscribers today. We've also made a small change to the Collection Browser by including the price per metre.

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