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News Archive - 2012

The Winter 2012 Collection is out!

28 November 2012

Our Winter Collection this year includes fabrics ranging from the finest silk to the chunkiest coating. There's fabric for special occasions, day wear and lots of cosy wools as well as some up-to-the-minute trends such as faux leather and lace.

Winter Collection out soon!

20 November 2012

Our Winter 2012 Collection will be posted to subscribers towards the end of November 2012. If your annual subscription is due (or overdue!) for renewal then please renew soon to ensure you receive the new Collection.

Gallery update!

20 November 2012

Prolific sewing fan, Alannah Hendry, has submitted another picture to our Project Gallery. As well as showing off two lovely skirts, this is a wonderful mother-and-daughter picture! Thanks, yet again, Alannah for your continued support.

Server crash!

7 October 2012

Our server (which handles our e-mail and website) crashed on Saturday. However, thanks to both Mark and Richard at Giacom we were able to get a replacement very quickly. We've spent most of today (Sunday) getting everything back up and running. Phew!

The Autumn 2012 Collection is out!

30 August 2012

The Autumn 2012 Collection is being sent out to subscribers today! As with all our Collections, we try to include something for everyone and we hope that this Autumn's Collection is no exception.

Gallery update!

30 August 2012

A customer in Australia, Regan Mackenzie, has sent us a picture of a lovely top she made from one of our cotton/silk mixes - this one from our Summer 2011 Collection. Many thanks, Regan.

Sale ends soon!!

28 August 2012

Please note that our 2012 Sale will end this week. So if you haven't ordered yet - do it now!

Project Gallery update

23 July 2012

Long-time subscriber, Helen Clark, has provided two photos for the Project Gallery featuring two lovely top-and-skirt outfits. Many thanks, Helen!

The 2012 SALE Collection is out!

15 July 2012

The 2012 Sale Collection is being posted out to subscribers tomorrow morning (16 July). Prices have been reduced by up to 50% on the Sale fabrics and there are some fantastic bargains to be had. As usual with our Sale Collection, stocks are limited and orders will be dealt with on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. Happy bargain hunting!

More Gallery updates

7 June 2012

Another submission from Chrysalis subscriber Alannah Hendry to the gallery - modelled, this time, by her husband! Also, Diana has submitted a dress made for one of her customers and modelled by the customer herself.

The Summer 2012 Collection is out!

28 May 2012

The Summer 2012 Collection has been posted and UK subscribers should receive their swatches in the next two or three days.

As well as boasting a fantastic range of premium quality cottons, linens and man-made fibres to tempt you, the Collection includes some exciting new digital prints from Germany and Italy.

In the Guardian's article on 5 Feb 2012 on digital print fabrics they said: "As the technology has become more and more affordable, the hyper-real digital look has spread not just to the famous design houses known for their vibrant patterns - such as Italy's Missoni and London's Liberty - but even to more restrained fashion houses such as Chanel and Armani, where customers are being urged to consider wearing contrasting prints in a rainbow of hues."

We do hope you enjoy the Collection!

Another Gallery update

16 May 2012

Chrysalis subscriber, Alannah Hendry, has again submitted photos to the gallery - beautifully modelled by her daughter, Kati. Many thanks for your support once again, Alannah.

Subscription renewals

14 May 2012

Our new Summer 2012 Collection will be released at the end of this month!

As many of you know, the most popular fabrics go very quickly at the start of a new Collection so, to make sure you don't miss out please renew your subscription if you haven't already done so.

Just phone Diana with a debit or credit card number and you can be renewed straight away!

Gallery update

12 May 2012

Chrysalis subscriber, Jane Salisbury, has been kind enough to submit a photo to the gallery of a lovely dress she made using one of our fabrics. Many thanks Jane.

More past Collection updates

24 April 2012

As well as processing the new fabrics for the forthcoming Summer 2012 Collection, we've been able to update the Autumn 2009 and Winter 2009 Collections with fabric images.

We'll be saying more about the Summer 2012 Collection in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Gallery submissions!

29 March 2012

We have our first photo submissions to the Project Gallery. Regular subscriber, Alannah Hendry, has kindly provided five lovely pictures of some gorgeous graments she's made using fabrics from Chrysalis. Thank you so much, Alannah!

Other subscribers have promised to submit some pictures so, come on, don't be shy, share your Chrysalis-inspired creations with us - we'd love to see them!

Fabrics and fixes!

21 March 2012

As well as processing the continuing stream of orders for Spring 2012 fabrics (and a steady flow for cloth from earlier Collections) we've been busy selecting material for inclusion in the Summer 2012 Collection (perhaps we should call it the Olympic Collection?).

In addition, we've been fixing most of the gremlins that have (almost inevitably) worked their way into the new website. The Collection Browser seems to have been most affected and it's thanks to those of you who notified us that the Spring 2012 Collection page wasn't working properly that we were able to get some remedial patches in place to give us time to work on a more reliable solution. Hopefully, the Browser now works properly for all Collections. Please let us know if it misbehaves again!

What else? Oh, yes - we've completed photographing all (except two) of the remaining fabrics in the Spring 2010 Collection and all (except one) for the Winter 2007 Collection.

#41 and #47 have arrived!

14 March 2012

Thanks to the efficiency and promptness of our suppliers, we have just taken delivery of extra quantities of Number 41 and Number 47 from the current Spring 2012 Collection.

More of #41 and #47 arriving soon!

13 March 2012

The Spring 2012 Collection has proved to be very popular!

We are currently showing Number 41 and Number 47 as sold out (because we have!). However, we have been able to secure some more of both and these should be here in the next day or so.

Photo updates for Summer 2010

6 March 2012

We've just uploaded the "missing" fabric photographs for the Summer 2010 Collection.

Of particular interest are Number 10: a superb textured Italian slub-weave viscose/linen/wool mix; Number 23: a basket weave linen/viscose mix in a lovely "black gloss" finish; Number 28: a handwoven silk dupion for luxurious evening wear and Number 47: a fine black crepe georgette with tiny white spots.

Spring 2012 Collection now out

27 February 2012

We've just issued our Spring 2012 Collection to subscribers.

This season, we've managed to obtain some hard-to-find Harris Tweed! It's only 73cm wide and we have a limited quantity available. We've also secured some superb German linen, a fine Paul Smith wool, a Burberry poly-cotton and some Italian stretch jersey.

There's a gorgeous wool and silk mix, a luxurious wool and cashmere mix, a beautiful glazed cotton from Germany, and more and more! We hope you enjoy the Collection.

New website launched!

27February 2012

Welcome to our new website!

As well as introducing a new "Collection Browser", we're also including a "Project Gallery" where you can peruse photos of garments made by subscribers using fabrics purchased from Chrysalis. To begin with, we've included half a dozen photos of clothes made by Diana but we hope other members will feel inspired to photograph some of their own work for us to see.

We hope that the new "Collection Browser" proves as popular as the old one. The new Browser is more compact and, hopefully, will be better for visitors who use tablets and other mobile devices to view our current past Collections.

Fabric photos for past collections

24 February 2012

In our Autumn 2010 Collection we began photographing ALL the fabrics in the Collection. Prior to that we had only photographed patterned fabrics - and, even then, not all of them!

Therefore, we've embarked on a process of "filling in the blanks" in past Collections where we still have a stock of the fabric in question. Over the coming few months, therefore, you should see, in the "Collection Browser", fewer and fewer "Sorry! No image available" messages.

Please bear with us whilst we complete this work. Of course, subscribers are always welcome to request a sample of a particular fabric from a past collection.

QR Codes in the catalogue!

24 February 2012

QR Code example
Example QR Code

Regular subscribers will see a change to our upcoming Spring 2012 Collection catalogue. As an experiment, we're including a "QR Code" for each fabric in the Collection.

QR Codes are a type of barcode and their use is growing rapidly in popularity, especially amongst "smart-phone" users. A QR Code can be used to store any type of data but, in our case, our QR Codes store a web link to the particular fabric's corresponding photo from our website.

The Chrysalis Fabrics Spring 2012 Catalogue with QR Codes
The Chrysalis Fabrics Spring 2012 Catalogue with QR Codes

Thus, subscribers with a suitable mobile-phone should be able (with the appropriate app) to scan each code via their phone's camera which will then redirect their phone's web browser to the fabric's photograph.

Many Android, Nokia and Blackberry handsets come with pre-installed QR Code readers. Windows Phone 7.5 can scan barcodes and there are many free QR Code apps for the iPhone and Android handsets.