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Collection Last updated on: 01 Dec 2020 11:48:00
Sample No: 1
No. 1V Low

Sample #1£15.00 pm

Moss with multi coloured squares

53% Wool, 20% Rayon, 16% Polyamide, 6% Polyester, 5% Alpaca


This fascinating coat or suit fabric is an interesting mix of colours and textures.

Sample No: 11
No. 11Low

Sample #11£12.00 pm

Green Floral Print

100% Silk


This Gossamer-fine silk has a large floral design. Co-ordinates with 10 and 12.

Sample No: 18
No. 18V Low

Sample #18£14.00 pm


100% Wool


Subtle checked wool with a fine "pinkish" stripe would make smart tailored suits, coats and trousers.

Sample No: 28
No. 28V Low

Sample #28£16.00 pm

Black with shades of Terracotta.

100% Polyester


This is a crinkle velour with vertical stripes of shot terracotta chiffon appliqued onto the main fabric.

Sample No: 30
No. 30Low

Sample #30£12.00 pm


80% Wool, 20% Polyester


A classic wool with Polyester. Ideal for a timeless coat or jacket

Sample No: 31
No. 31Good

Sample #31£9.00 pm

Tan with Black

100% Viscose


Chevrons of Tan and Black, this would make a stunning blouse or dress to go under sample 30.

Sample No: 33
No. 33V Low

Sample #33£9.00 pm

Stone and Raspberry

100% Cotton


This is a shower proof cotton with small, vertical stripes. A great mac!

Sample No: 35
No. 35V Low

Sample #35£15.00 pm

Silver and Grey

70% Viscose, 30% Silk


This is a stunning fabric and would be really vibrant over a black lining. A subtle way to wear this season's animal- print look.

Sample No: 37
No. 37V Low

Sample #37£14.00 pm


100% Polyester


This attractive evening fabric has a crinkle texture with appliqued ribbon flowers. For special occasion jackets and tops. N.B. appliqué starts 6cm from selvedge.

Sample No: 43
No. 43V Low

Sample #43£6.00 pm

Grey with Black Pinstripe

100% Polyester


This pinstripe is fine enough for dresses and skirts. Easy-care and classic!

Sample No: 51
No. 51V Low

Sample #51£18.00 pm


49% Wool, 29% Polyester, 22% Cotton


This timeless tweed would tailor beautifully for jackets and coats or make a cosy skirt.

Sample No: 58
No. 58Good

Sample #58£12.00 pm

Black Pinstripe

78% Rayon, 18% Wool, 4% Elastane


Black with a slight crosswise stretch and a fine saddle stitched stripe. It would make a lovely skirt or trousers to go with 59.

Sample No: 59
No. 59Good

Sample #59£9.00 pm

Black and Lime

100% Viscose


This lovely print in crinkle viscose goes well with 58.