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Collection Last updated on: 26 Feb 2021 08:42:35
Sample No: 3
No. 3Good

Sample #3£19.00 pm

Multi-shades including blush, apple green, aquamarine and coral

55% Polyester,32% Viscose,13% Metallic


A luxurious jacquard with an intricate texture, soft colours and a subtle gold thread. Perfect for a statement jacket or special-occasion dress.

Sample No: 4
No. 4Good

Sample #4£12.00 pm


100% Polyester


Luxurious Italian ottoman. Ideal for dresses, jackets and separates. A lovely neutral colour.

Sample No: 5
No. 5Low

Sample #5£10.00 pm

Vintage floral sprays of mainly berry shades and banana on buttermilk

100% Viscose


Super-fine drapey viscose with a delicate "English tea-garden" design. Lovely for tops and dresses.

Sample No: 6
No. 6V Low

Sample #6£12.00 pm


95% Polyester,5% Elastane


A rich red firm-weight jersey with a slight stretch making it ideal for fitted dresses, skirts and trousers.

Sample No: 7
No. 7V Low

Sample #7£9.00 pm

Sea-side stripe of strawberry and sand

45% Cotton,37% Linen,18% Viscose


This beautiful fine textured stripe in a fabulous blend of cotton/linen and viscose is perfect for the warmer months.

Sample No: 8
No. 8V Low

Sample #8£12.00 pm


98% Polyester,2% Spandex


Premium quality fine moss crepe with a slight stretch. Really versatile for warmer-weather outfits.

Sample No: 10
No. 10Good

Sample #10£10.00 pm

Deep blackberry

55% Cotton,43% Polyester,2% Elastane


This quality stretch denim has a subtle design and a lovely soft feel. Great for jeans and jackets or dresses and skirts.

Sample No: 12
No. 12Low

Sample #12£9.00 pm

Black on bone

100% Cotton


A pure cotton in classic white with a quirky tiny subtle skull design. Great for dresses and separates.

Sample No: 14
No. 14Good

Sample #14£15.00 pm

Spicy mix of pepper, salt, saffron and chili with cobalt

53% Cotton,38% Polyester,9% Polyamide


A really unusual cotton-rich weave. Ideal for lightweight jackets, straight skirts and fitted dresses.

Sample No: 15
No. 15Good

Sample #15£10.00 pm

Rustic cinder

58% Cotton,42% Linen


A luxurious crinkled cheese-cloth in cotton and linen. Cool and comfortable for holidays and warm weather.

Sample No: 16
No. 16Low

Sample #16£20.00 pm

Old gold and titanium

52% Viscose,48% Polyester


This beautiful, very unusual woven jacquard from Germany is perfect for a statement jacket or special-occasion wear. A similar fabric is in Armani's Summer Collection.

Sample No: 18
No. 18V Low

Sample #18£10.00 pm

Shades of cocoa, blush, navy and clay on meringue

100% Cotton


Firmer-weight cotton with a linen look and a crosswise mechanical stretch. A beautiful design for dresses.

Sample No: 19
No. 19Good

Sample #19£22.00 pm

Oyster shell

90% Wool,8% Acetate,2% Polyester


This very special, super-fine wool from Italy is ideal for unusual jackets and dresses.

Sample No: 21
No. 21V Low

Sample #21£9.50 pm

Calabrian black

69% Cotton,30% Viscose,1% Elastane


Italian denim with a slight cross-wise stretch. Great for jeans, skirts and jackets.

Sample No: 22
No. 22V Low

Sample #22£15.00 pm

Baby blue, soft pink and navy on fudge

60% Cotton,40% Viscose


Fine cotton mix with a slub weave and a gorgeous design. Beautiful for summer dresses.

Sample No: 23
No. 23V Low

Sample #23£12.00 pm

Haint blue

100% Polyester


This very unusual fabric from Italy has a cloqué finish, a gorgeous colour and is easy-care.

Sample No: 24
No. 24Good

Sample #24£9.00 pm

Café noir

100% Polyester


Corded, easy-care, stretch jersey for separates and dresses. A timeless classic.

Sample No: 25
No. 25V Low

Sample #25£9.00 pm

Shades of apricot, cucumber and mango with vintage lilac

55% Cotton,42% Polyester,3% Spandex


A beautiful, cotton-rich, jacquard with a fascinating design of soft shades. Stunning for jackets and also dresses and skirts.

Sample No: 26
No. 26V Low

Sample #26£10.00 pm

Tungsten grey

56% Silk,44% Cotton


We chose this premium quality cloth for the luxurious blend of silk and cotton. So beautiful, so versatile and such a good price!

Sample No: 30
No. 30Low

Sample #30£12.00 pm

Ink on Japanese ivory

74% Viscose,22% Polyamide,4% Elastane


Firmer-weight and with a good length-wise stretch, this is ideal for trousers and fitted dresses.

Sample No: 32
No. 32Good

Sample #32£10.00 pm

Shades of cantaloupe, blackberry and teal on creme anglaise

55% Linen,45% Rayon


A perfect blend of linen and rayon with a subtle muted design for dresses and separates.

Sample No: 34
No. 34Good

Sample #34£10.00 pm

Sunset madras check

100% Cotton


Pure Italian cotton in vibrant colours for striking summer separates.

Sample No: 35
No. 35Good

Sample #35£12.00 pm

Golden honey

100% Polyester


The ever-popular smooth crepe. So versatile and easy handle. This season's colour choice is this lovely warm honey.

Sample No: 37
No. 37Good

Sample #37£11.00 pm

Jacuzzi blue

55% Viscose,41% Polyester,4% Elastane


This lovely ponte-weight jersey from Portugal has an unusual textured finish, a two-way stretch and is ideal for dresses and tops.

Sample No: 38
No. 38V Low

Sample #38£18.00 pm

Shades of coral, teal and lemon on aquamarine

100% Cotton


A charming cotton in bright summer shades with a delightful lily design. Beautiful for dresses.

Sample No: 39
No. 39Good

Sample #39£12.00 pm

Frappuccino froth

100% Polyester


A very unusual, fine crinkled voile. For tops, scarves, trims, etc.

Sample No: 41
No. 41V Low

Sample #41£10.00 pm

Clover and cream

100% Cotton


Firmer-weight cotton with a delicate design and a lovely soft colour.

Sample No: 42
No. 42Good

Sample #42£9.00 pm

Lilac mac

99% Polyamide,1% Polyurethane


This lightweight mac fabric is suitable for summer rainwear. For example, pattern V1564 as featured in February's Sew Today magazine.

Sample No: 45
No. 45Low

Sample #45£10.00 pm

Hickory weave

65% PVC,35% Polyester


An unusual woven cloth from Germany. Suitable for a jacket or for bags, home-ware, patio cushions, etc.

Sample No: 49
No. 49V Low

Sample #49£16.00 pm

Shades of mainly mustard, navy and pearl grey with touches of dusty rose

100% Cotton


Top quality marlie lawn with a contemporary print of abstract pansies. A stunning design for tops and dresses.

Sample No: 50
No. 50Low

Sample #50£11.00 pm

Harbour-side navy stripes

100% Cotton


A smart, pure cotton chambray with a fine vertical stripe. A timeless classic for summer dresses and separates.

Sample No: 52
No. 52Low

Sample #52£10.00 pm


70% Viscose,26% Polyester,4% Elastane


This very lovely Italian jersey has a vertical ribbed design and a very good cross-wise stretch. Perfect for tops and cardigan-style jackets.

Sample No: 54
No. 54Low

Sample #54£15.00 pm

Denim white

96% Cotton,4% Elastane


Always popular in the summer months, this firm-weight stretch cotton is ideal for jeans and jackets, skirts and dresses.

Sample No: 55
No. 55V Low

Sample #55£12.00 pm

Heritage blue with buttermilk

100% Cotton


We love the crinkly texture of this gorgeous soft cotton. Very special for tops and holiday-wear.

Sample No: 56
No. 56V Low

Sample #56£18.00 pm

Blueberry, forget-me-not and cream

53% Polyester,30% Cotton,15% Viscose,2% Elastane


This beautiful ponte roma jersey is cotton-rich and has a charming design. The generous width makes it a great choice for all-season dresses and separates.

Sample No: 60
No. 60V Low

Sample #60£12.00 pm

Blossom pink and kiwi on eucalyptus and cream

55% Linen,45% Viscose


The popular blend of linen and viscose with a striking design of abstract flowers and swirls. Great for summer dresses.