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Collection Last updated on: 05 Mar 2021 11:47:49
Sample No: 1
No. 1V Low

Sample #1£18.00 pm

Fresh shades of banana, russet, leaf green and ash

100% Cotton


This gorgeous soft fine cotton has an abstract print of flowers and leaves in the season's favourite shades of yellow.

Sample No: 3
No. 3Good

Sample #3£18.00 pm

Palm green

100% Polyester


This lovely fine polyester has a textured finish and a design of palm leaves. Great for tops and dresses.

Sample No: 4
No. 4Low

Sample #4£16.00 pm

Deep olive

72% Linen,28% Cupro


We have not come across this before - a mix of pure linen and the ever-popular cupro in a lovely firm cloth from Italy. Ideal for dresses and separates.

Sample No: 5
No. 5V Low

Sample #5£10.00 pm

Multi-shades including lipstick, burnt apricot and lemon on spearmint

97% Polyester,3% Spandex


This stunning fine stretch satin has a jacquard finish together with a design of vibrant roses. Ideal for tops blouses and dresses.

Sample No: 6
No. 6Low

Sample #6£19.00 pm

Eggshell with navy

100% Linen


This gorgeous pale linen is woven with a fine navy thread producing a tiny "spot" design. Most unusual for spring/summer dresses and separates.

Sample No: 7
No. 7Good

Sample #7£14.00 pm

Wisteria and duck-egg blue on cream

100% Cotton


Premium quality pure cotton lawn with a classic William Morris design in delicate mauve shades. Lovely for dresses and tops.

Sample No: 9
No. 9Good

Sample #9£15.00 pm

Rainbow weave

100% Polyester


A very unusual loose weave interwoven with black strands and threads of all colours. A real statement piece for soft jackets, tops, etc.

Sample No: 11
No. 11Good

Sample #11£9.00 pm

Shades of raspberry, melon and soft fern

100% Viscose


Fine drapey viscose with a delicate design of ferns and butterflies in muted colours. Ideal for soft tops and dresses.

Sample No: 12
No. 12Low

Sample #12£12.00 pm

Powder blush

97% Polyester,3% Elastane


Super-soft, double-sided stretch faux suede. A lovely feel and a superb quality for jackets and separates.

Sample No: 13
No. 13Low

Sample #13£18.00 pm

Shades of soft coral and kiwi with peacock on parchment

100% Linen


Pure linen from Italy with a design of abstract flowers and a woven jacquard detail. Stunning for spring dresses.

Sample No: 17
No. 17V Low

Sample #17£12.00 pm

Snow leopard

95% Polyester,5% Elastane


The animal print trend is still very current and we have chosen this grey leopard design for the spring season.

Sample No: 19
No. 19Low

Sample #19£9.00 pm

Bronze and steel

95% Polyester,5% Spandex


A ponte-roma weight jersey with the appearance of a dogs-tooth tweed. It has a lovely sheen and would be easy to handle. For dresses and separates.

Sample No: 20
No. 20Good

Sample #20£18.00 pm

Old gold

78% Acrylic,19% Viscose,2% Metallic,1% Polyamide


Luxurious gold ottoman from France for stunning jackets, dresses and special-occasion wear. NB: The cording is across the width.

Sample No: 21
No. 21Low

Sample #21£18.00 pm

Shades of blossom, leaf and china blue on shitake mushroom

92% Polyester,8% Elastane


A beautiful soft faux-suede with a good cross-wise stretch and a charming design of oriental style flowers and branches. Great for dresses or soft spring jackets.

Sample No: 23
No. 23Low

Sample #23£15.00 pm

Mustard and gunmetal

95% Cotton,5% Elastane


Fine cotton German jersey with an abstract grey design and a good two-way stretch.

Sample No: 24
No. 24Low

Sample #24£15.00 pm

Gothic grey

100% Wool


Premium quality designer pure wool for super-smart jackets, trousers and skirts. A true classic!

Sample No: 25
No. 25V Low

Sample #25£12.00 pm

Meteorite/Galactic silver

95% Polyester,5% Elastane


This unusual fine drapey stretch jersey has a bright silver side and a marl grey reverse side. Use either - or both - for interesting results!

Sample No: 27
No. 27Good

Sample #27£10.00 pm

Cobweb grey

100% Cotton


This super-fine pure cotton is a great choice for lightweight tops, shirts and blouses. Ideal for holidays.

Sample No: 29
No. 29V Low

Sample #29£12.00 pm


55% Cotton,45% Polyester


This unusual fine poly-cotton has a crumpled texture and a subtle semi-sheer paisley design. Delicate for tops and dresses and suitable as an overlay.

Sample No: 30
No. 30Low

Sample #30£19.00 pm

Breton stripe

55% Viscose,40% Polyester,5% Elastane


Sharp bands of navy and white make this textured jersey a smart choice for spring tops. Ideas for stripes are featured in Sew Today Magazine (March 2019).

Sample No: 31
No. 31V Low

Sample #31£11.00 pm

Multi-shades of lotus pink and amethyst with citrus

100% Viscose


This beautiful fine viscose has a design of hot pink and purple flowers. Stunning for tops and dresses.

Sample No: 32
No. 32Low

Sample #32£15.00 pm

Hot pink

100% Linen


This lovely fine, open weave linen with a crumply texture is ideal for loose tops and dresses. Great for hot days and holidays.

Sample No: 33
No. 33Low

Sample #33£10.00 pm

Tropical shades of flame, forest and fuchsia

100% Cotton


A really dramatic, firmer-weight cotton with an eye-catching design (see website photo to appreciate). Gorgeous for holidays and summer dresses.

Sample No: 34
No. 34Good

Sample #34£16.00 pm


95% Polyester,5% Spandex


Fine smooth crepe with a cross-wise stretch in a lovely rich colour for easy-care dresses and separates.

Sample No: 35
No. 35Low

Sample #35£9.00 pm

Delphinium with syrah red and ecru

100% Viscose


Fine French viscose with a delicate design for tops and dresses. A great price too!

Sample No: 36
No. 36Good

Sample #36£22.00 pm

Heather flower

100% Wool


We were lucky to find this gorgeous English pure wool with a herringbone weave. A timeless classic for jackets, skirts and suits.

Sample No: 39
No. 39Low

Sample #39£18.00 pm

Dusky pink with blossom branch and peacock

100% Viscose


This premium quality viscose has a linen-look weave and delicate sprays of blossoms and peacocks. Beautiful for tops and dresses.

Sample No: 40
No. 40V Low

Sample #40£18.00 pm

Vintage orchid

94% Polyester,6% Spandex


A gorgeous, heavier-weight stretch crepe in a gentle muted pink shade. Ideal for dresses and separates.

Sample No: 41
No. 41Good

Sample #41£10.00 pm

Sugar, carnation and pale teal

100% Polyester


Gossamer-fine chiffon with a pretty design of carnations and leaves. Perfect for soft blouses, overlays, scarves, etc.

Sample No: 44
No. 44V Low

Sample #44£10.00 pm

Rich teal

60% Wool, 30% Viscose, 10% Polyamide


Gorgeous loose-weave wool-blend in this popular shade. Great for soft tops and jackets.

Sample No: 47
No. 47Low

Sample #47£12.00 pm

Navy, royal, powder and sky with ivory and parchment

98% Cotton,2% Elastane


Firmer-weight cotton with a slight stretch and an abstract design. Suitable for straighter fitted dresses, jackets, etc.

Sample No: 48
No. 48Low

Sample #48£8.00 pm

Pearl river

94% Viscose,6% Lycra


A classic marl jersey. Really soft, very stretchy and beautifully drapey. Good quality but also a great price.

Sample No: 51
No. 51V Low

Sample #51£18.00 pm

Shades of blueberry with scarlet on buttermilk

98% Viscose,2% Spandex


This lovely fine stretch viscose is soft and drapey but has a sharp, crisp design of beautiful blue flowers. Very smart for a dress.

Sample No: 52
No. 52Good

Sample #52£12.00 pm


98% Polyester,2% Elastane


A moss crepe with a slight stretch in a warm neutral shade. A top quality, all-purpose classic fabric.

Sample No: 53
No. 53Good

Sample #53£10.00 pm

Buttermilk, biscuit and rustic blue on soft navy

100% Polyester


This fine smooth satin has an intriguing design of abstract geometric shapes distinctive for tops and dresses.

Sample No: 54
No. 54Low

Sample #54£20.00 pm

Hebridean blue

100% Wool


A sumptuous British pure wool. A great price for a really special fabric. Lightweight for warmer months.

Sample No: 56
No. 56Good

Sample #56£18.00 pm

Ice white

94% Polyester,6% Spandex


This really pure white has a slight stretch and is dense enough for trousers, dresses and straight skirts.

Sample No: 58
No. 58Low

Sample #58£15.00 pm

Deep cerulean

95% Polyester,5% Elastane


Chosen for its ever-popular colour and slight stretch, this classic fabric is a great choice for skirts and trousers.

Sample No: 59
No. 59V Low

Sample #59£8.00 pm

Indian blue with cardamom and cayenne

100% Cotton


Fine 100% cotton with a North African-style design. Lovely for soft dresses and tops and a very good price.

Sample No: 60
No. 60Low

Sample #60£15.00 pm

Spiced ginger

63% Polyester, 33% Viscose, 4% Spandex


This rich shade is a good choice for warmer months. A quality moss crepe with a slight stretch.