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Collection Last updated on: 04 Jan 2021 10:32:37
Sample No: 2
No. 2V Low

Sample #2£12.00 pm

Shades of mainly grape and warm apple

100% Viscose


A fine crepe georgette with an abstract design, crease resistant and ideal for tops and dresses. Co-ordinates with 1, 3 and 6.

Sample No: 5
No. 5Low

Sample #5£12.00 pm

Tones of olive, truffle and spice

100% Polyester


A really individual fabric including appliquéd leaves with occasional sequins.

Sample No: 6
No. 6Low

Sample #6£15.00 pm


62% Polyester, 32% Viscose, 6% Elastane


A timeless, versatile, cloth for trousers, skirts and suits.

Sample No: 12
No. 12V Low

Sample #12£11.00 pm

Jet Black

100% Cotton


Superfine, soft weight, needlecord ever popular for casuals and separates.

Sample No: 15
No. 15Low

Sample #15£14.00 pm

Black Pearl

67% Rayon, 33% Silk


Heavy corded silk/Rayon similar to ottoman. The cording goes across the width and it would, ideally be cut in that direction. Stunning for an evening jacket or straight skirt.

Sample No: 21
No. 21Low

Sample #21£10.00 pm

Grey Denim

73% Cotton, 27% Linen


Denim-look in a cotton/linen mix. Strong enough for jeans but soft enough for dresses and skirts.

Sample No: 22
No. 22Low

Sample #22£10.00 pm

Lilac, Powder Blue, Sage, Soft Black and White

100% Cotton


Cotton voile in soft pastel shades for delicate blouses and dresses.

Sample No: 24
No. 24Low

Sample #24£14.00 pm

Ivory, Black, Blue and Silver

62% Cotton, 38% Polyester


Gorgeous Karen Millen brocade for special occasion jackets, skirts and straight dresses. Co-ordinates with No 14.

Sample No: 30
No. 30V Low

Sample #30£18.00 pm

Oriental teal with gold and chilli embroidery

50% Polyester, 50% Nylon


Taffeta-style embroidered fabric. Gorgeous for evening jackets, suits, bodices and bustiers. NB the embroidery covers 137cms of the width.

Sample No: 32
No. 32Low

Sample #32£18.00 pm

Light aubergine

100% Polyester


Double-sided quilting for versatile gilets and jackets. Co-ordinates with Nos 33, 38 and 39.

Sample No: 35
No. 35Low

Sample #35£18.00 pm

Stone and black

Nylon, Polyester and Rayon mix


A sumptuous evening fabric comprising two layers: stone taffeta overlaid with fine black embroidered tulle. The embroidery forms a border on both sides. NB In some samples, the layers may separate!

Sample No: 36
No. 36V Low

Sample #36£17.00 pm


84% Virgin Wool, 16% Mohair


I've been able to obtain a limited quantity of this gorgeous, fine, wool and mohair cloth - a timeless choice for tailoring and separates.

Sample No: 38
No. 38Good

Sample #38£28.00 pm

Tones of lavender and stone

55% Wool, 45% Polyester


In a "patchwork" design, this boiled wool with polyester makes this washable cloth a great choice for an every-day warm jacket. Co-ordinates with Nos 32, 34, 37 and 39.

Sample No: 40
No. 40Low

Sample #40£22.00 pm

Black and damson

55% Viscose, 45% Polyester


A crinkle, cloqué-effect, with a damson satin design. Ideal for evening jackets. Co-ordinates with No 17.

Sample No: 42
No. 42Low

Sample #42£12.00 pm

Purple Plum, Black, Taupe and Ecru

96% Viscose, 4% Elastane


A lovely stretch jersey in an abstract design. Suitable for tops and dresses. Co-ordinates with Nos 41 and 43.

Sample No: 43
No. 43Low

Sample #43£9.00 pm


80% Polyamide, 20% Polyurethane


Shower-proof and, therefore, ideal for a lightweight mac.

Sample No: 49
No. 49Low

Sample #49£9.00 pm

Antique rose on black

100% Polyester


Random 'brush-stroke' circles on this silk-feel polyester, make this fabric ideal for blouses and dresses.

Sample No: 52
No. 52V Low

Sample #52£9.00 pm

Warm honey

55% Linen, 45% Viscose


This really unusual linen mix has a charming embroidered design and occasional sequins. Would make a lovely full skirt, shirt or dress. Co-ordinates with No 51.

Sample No: 54
No. 54Low

Sample #54£12.00 pm

Burnt umber, antique crimson with black satin and charcoal

56% Polyacrylic, 44% Nylon


This subtle damask has splashes of colour and a paisley type design. Suitable for jackets, skirts and dresses.

Sample No: 56
No. 56V Low

Sample #56£9.00 pm

Purple and lime on chocolate

100% Viscose


Fine viscose georgette for tops and dresses. Co-ordinates with Nos 6 and 32.

Sample No: 57
No. 57V Low

Sample #57£10.00 pm


61% Linen, 36% Viscose, 3% Elastane


I was lucky to find this linen/viscose mix with a cross-wise stretch. Really versatile for dresses and separates. Co-ordinates with Nos 7 and 58.

Sample No: 60
No. 60Good

Sample #60£15.00 pm

Rich cocoa

68% Acrylic, 17% Modacrylic, 15% Cotton


NO SAMPLE! We could not resist this particularly gorgeous, premium quality, faux fur. The pile is so thick, it can't be included in the samples - but please request a swatch if you would like one!